19-year-old Chrystul Kizer faces life in prison for killing accused pedophile who allegedly abused her Karma Allen, ABC News (Wisconsin) 

Takeaways from 2019 Crime Data in Major American Cities Ames Grawert and Cameron Kimble, Brennan Center for Justice

A Second Chance in Kentucky Guy Hamilton-Smith, Slate

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy restores voting rights for 80,000 on probation or parole Meg Cunningham, ABC News

Barr announces crackdown targeting violent crime in seven US cities Tal Axelrod, The Hill

Congress Cuts Aid to Crime Victim Programs Ted Gest, The Crime Report

My client, Travis Runnels, did not deserve to die Mark Pickett, The Outline

Paroled after eight years in prison, a former soldier aims to reform the military justice system Russ Read, Washington Examiner

Justices Take Up New Mexico Driver’s Excessive Force Case Erika Williams, Courthouse News

The Golden State Killer’s invisible victims: The men whose lives were shattered Paige St. John, Los Angeles Times

Podcasts should stick to exonerating the innocent FT Green, The Outline

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