The Hidden Cost of Incarceration Nicole Lewis and Beatrix Lockwood, The Marshall Project

10 years. 179 arrests. No white defendants. DEA tactics face scrutiny in New York. Shayna Jacobs, Washington Post

What Happens After Prisoners Learn to Code? Simone Stolzoff, The Atlantic

Extremist cops: how US law enforcement is failing to police itself Maddy Crowell and Sylvia Varnham O’Regan, The Guardian

Capital Punishment Continues to ‘Wither’ Across the US: Report The Crime Report

‘The state that neglected me as a kid is the same state that wants to kill me’ Judy Thomas and Laura Bauer, Kansas City Star

Chuck Coma Comes Home Christie Thompson, The Marshall Project

South Bend and St. Louis, Where Crime Statistics Can Mislead Jeff Asher, New York Times

When Medical Debt Collectors Decide Who Gets Arrested (Kansas) Lizzie Presser, ProPublica

Barnard Student Killing Raises Fears of Backlash Against ‘Raise the Age’ Laws The Crime Report

Chicago Police Department’s new gun-pointing policy misses the target Curtis Black, Chicago Reporter

Curtis Flowers freed on bond for the first time in more than two decades, six trials Alissa Zhu, Mississippi Clarion Ledger

‘Crime Junkie’ Team Launch True-Crime Podcast ‘Counterclock’ About A Cold Case In Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina Peter White, Deadline

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