The Condemned The Intercept

I Know What It’s Like to Carry Out Executions S. Frank Thompson, The Atlantic

They Loan You Money. Then They Get A Warrant For Your Arrest. (Utah) Anjali Tsui, ProPublica

Indictments charge 25 corrections officers with using excessive force, intimidation to dominate Maryland jails Kevin Rector and Phil Davis, Baltimore Sun

Inside Philly DA Larry Krasner’s new plan to drop low-level drug charges in favor of addiction treatment Samantha Melamed, Philadelphia Inquirer

What Happens When Prison ‘Lifers’ Get a Chance at Healing and Redemption? (California) Nick Wing and Kyle C. Barry, The Appeal

Oregon Man’s Manslaughter Conviction Overturned Due To Undisclosed DNA Evidence Meerah Powell, Oregon Public Broadcasting

City Jail Overseer Urged to End Solitary Confinement After Layleen Polanco Death (New York City) Reuven Blau, The City

To perp walk or not: When do white-collar defendants get to surrender peacefully? Stephanie Francis Ward, American Bar Association Journal

Why I Started a Book Club in the Harris County Jail Amalia Beckner, Texas Observer

What happened that night Deanna Pan, Boston Globe

Review: ‘After Parkland’ documentary asks what comes next following a mass shooting Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times

Listen to the full season of ‘Rediscovering: Don Bolles, murdered Arizona journalist’ The Arizona Republic

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