DNA genealogical databases are a gold mine for police, but with few rules and little transparency Paige St. John, Los Angeles Times

A White Officer Shoots a Black Colleague, Deepening a Racial Divide (St. Louis, Missouri) John Eligon, New York Times

Broken Ground: Why America Keeps Building More Jails and What It Can Do Instead Chris Mai, Mikelina Belaineh, Ram Subramanian, and Jacob Kong-Brown, Vera Institute

A Jury of One’s Peers Sonali Chakravarti, Boston Review

Americans Now Support Life in Prison Over Death Penalty Jeffrey Jones, Gallup

Arrested as teens, three men exonerated after 36 years behind bars for wrongful murder conviction (Baltimore, Maryland) Tom Jackman, Washington Post

Lowndes County mourns ‘senseless’ shooting of beloved Sheriff ‘Big John’ Williams (Alabama) Marty Roney and Kirsten Fiscus, Montgomery Advertiser

The son of a deputy from a neighboring county has been charged with the murder of Alabama Sheriff ‘Big John’ Williams Marty Roney, USA Today

A Life Sentence in Arkansas. And a Lifetime of Pain. Lauren Gill, The Appeal

Oregon Supreme Court Bans Police Officers From Asking Random Questions During Traffic Stops Rebecca Ellis, Oregon Public Broadcasting

A Year After First Step, Is Further Reform in the Cards? The Crime Report

I Got To Leave Prison For A Few Hours – It Broke My Heart Byron Case, The Marshall Project

The My Favorite Murder Problem Andrea Denhoed, New Republic

Incarcerated Men And Women Find Rehabilitation And Hope In ‘College Behind Bars’ Dave Davies, NPR

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