Judge halts all scheduled federal executions Josh Gerstein, Politico

Judge halts scheduled federal executions, says Barr’s lethal injection protocol appears at odds with the law Meagan Flynn, Washington Post

Report Calls for an End to Debtors’ Prisons The Crime Report

After False Drug Test, He Was in Solitary Confinement for 120 Days Jan Ransom, New York Times

Shooting victims have increased risk of mental harm long after physical injuries have healed, study finds William Wan, Washington Post

This anti-violence program relentlessly courts most at-risk youth. It’s off to ‘remarkable start’ in Baltimore Jessica Anderson, Baltimore Sun

College Behind Bars Shannon Ross, Boston Review

A simple way to open up ‘secret courts’ Editorial Board, Boston Globe

With overloaded Missouri public defenders, you only get a ‘sliver of an attorney’ Katie Moore, Kansas City Star

Read Ricky Kidd’s desperate letters begging his public defender to do more (Missouri) Maea Lenei Buhre and Frank Carlson, PBS News

‘It’s like torture’: Families report deputy harassment to sheriff watchdog Alene Tchekmedyian, Los Angeles Times

Report: Mississippi laws cause ‘extreme’ prison sentences Emily Wagster Pettus, Associated Press

FBI arrests 2 former Houston police officers after deadly drug raid Minyvonne Burke, NBC News

Detective Trapp: A cop’s quest for the mothers who lost their daughters Christopher Goffard, Los Angeles Times

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