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The week began with my essay about Chip Lewis, Robert Durst’s Warrior in Court. This article is part of a series of pieces exploring how the Durst trial is educational in its contrasts with the ordinary realities of the criminal legal process in Los Angeles.

The middle of the week was populated by our release of two sets of podcast interviews. The first was our conversation with Pam Veasey, Showrunner of “CSI: NY” and “CSI: Cyber”. During our conversation, we explored Pam’s storytelling origins and how she took custody of the CSI vision, and how the show changed it’s audience’s view of the criminal legal process.

On Wednesday and Thursday we presented Parts 1 and 2 of our two-part interview with the makers of “Making a Murderer” Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi. We discussed the saga of their pursuit of the Steven Avery story, how they supported themselves over the eight years it took to make the first series, their aesthetics and journalistic ethics and the experience of watching the series become a cultural phenomenon.

And finally on Friday, we posted Molly Miller’s  A Joking Matter?  in which she examines her discomfort at observing a judge oversee criminal procedural hearings with jocular banter, one-liners and non sequitur small talk as defendants, their representatives and their loved ones solemnly await his decisions, each of which will have a momentous impact on their lives.

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We close this week with Hannah Teich’s curated selection of some of the more interesting stories from Crime Story Daily over the past week.

Hannah, who edits this Daily section, groups the aggregation into four general topic areas: criminal justice policy reporting; muckraking/watchdog reporting; complex crime storytelling; and stories that examine the impact of criminal justice and true-crime in the culture.

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