The First Presidential Town Hall Hosted by Formerly Incarcerated Leaders The Marshall Project

Trump Slams Chicago Top Cop, Announces Commission on Police Challenges The Crime Report

A Texas Prosecutor Fights for Reform Ariel Ramchandani, The Atlantic  

Want to Vote? Pay Up. Joseph Williams, New Republic

Officials Called It a Heart Attack. Inmates Saw a Bloody Beating. Jan Ransom, New York Times

The Apology Letter John J. Lennon, Washington Post

Leaving Prison at 72 Rick Rojas, New York Times

Criminal justice reform can’t only enact neutral policies. It must reverse years of racist ones. Pete Buttigieg, NBC News

‘Largest single-day commutation in nation’s history’ expected to take place in Oklahoma next month Dylan Goforth, The Frontier

Plea to Stop Execution of Son’s Killer Puts Couple at Odds With Prosecutor Adam Liptak, New York Times

Donald Trump is visiting Chicago, a city he’s called a war zone. But what’s really true about guns there? Grace Hauck, USA Today

‘Sickening’: Top Philly cop charged with sexually assaulting officers he mentored Meagan Flynn, Washington Post

His flock? Korean and Korean American prisoners written off by their community and, sometimes, their families Victoria Kim, Los Angeles Times

Prison security failures persist as DOCCS shields identities of employees caught (New York) Brendan J. Lyons, Albany Times Union

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