Imagining a World Without Prisons Melissa Gira Grant, New Republic  

A controversial Florida law stops some former felons from voting. A judge just blocked part of it. PR Lockhart, Vox

Fort Worth Police Have More Violence to Answer For, Residents Say Manny Fernandez, Sarah Mervosh, and Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, New York Times

From Ferguson to Fort Worth, the road to police reforms is paved with tragedy Ray Sanchez, CNN

Here’s How Easily New York Could Become the First Major US City to End Solitary Confinement Natasha Lennard, The Intercept

The China Connection: How One DEA Agent Cracked a Global Fentanyl Ring Alex Palmer, New York Times

The Delicate Ethics of Using Facial Recognition in Schools Tom Simonite and Gregory Barber, Wired  

Jury Recommends Death Penalty for ‘Hollywood Ripper’ Nathan Solis, Courthouse News

Trump and 2020 Democratic opponents will speak at criminal justice forum Caroline Kenny and Abby Phillip, CNN

1 in 3 American Indian and Alaska Native women will be raped, but survivors rarely find justice on tribal lands Maren Machles, Carrie Cochran, Angela Hill, and Suzette Brewer, USA Today

Prison guards mocked transgender inmates in two private Facebook groups Emily Hoerner, Injustice Watch

22 Months In Solitary Violated Maine Inmate’s Rights, But He’s Not Entitled To Damages, Judge Rules Susan Sharon, Maine Public Radio

Lawyer Ben Crump On ‘Open Season’ NPR Weekend Edition

Kim Kardashian Begs The Governor Of Texas To Stop Execution Of Rodney Reed Tweety Elitou and Paul Meara, BET

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