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We begin with Hannah Teich’s curated selection of some of the more interesting stories from Crime Story Daily over the past week.

Hannah, who edits this Daily section, groups the aggregation into four general topic areas: criminal justice policy reporting; muckraking/watchdog reporting; complex crime storytelling; and stories that examine the impact of criminal justice and true-crime in the culture.

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CRIME STORY DAILY – The Week’s Highlights
This week in our original content created for the site, (after observing the Monday holiday) we began on Tuesday and Wednesday with a pair of articles from Molly Miller. On Tuesday, The Wobbler explored a case in which a judge and the crime victim challenged the prosecutor’s pursuit of felony charges instead of misdemeanors. In Wednesday’s It’s Like Turning the TV Off – Mid-Episode, Molly told a story of alleged spousal abuse that took an unexpected and troubling turn. On Thursday, we presented my podcast interview with Hank Steinberg, the “Without a Trace” Creator. And finally on Friday, we published Andrew Block’s Jamal’s Story, a deeply affecting piece about a young man who came of age in the Virginia youth correctional system and is finding a way to get himself educated and on a path to a productive and fulfilling life. Thanks for reading and listening.


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