Elijah Cummings Mourned as Champion of Justice Reform The Crime Report

Supreme Court Hears Case of Lee Malvo, Sniper Who Terrorized DC Adam Liptak, New York Times

New York can now bring charges against presidential pardon recipients Bill Mahoney, Politico

Inside the “Most Incarcerated” Zip Code in the Country Caleb Gayle, New Republic

The Making of the American Gulag Stuart Schrader, Boston Review

What Cars Can Teach Us About New Policing Technologies Sarah Seo, New York Review of Books

Rikers Would Close in Historic Plan to Remake NY Jail System Matthew Haag, New York Times

Amber Guyger’s Sentence Doesn’t Highlight a More Empathetic Criminal Legal System Jeffery Robinson, ACLU

Fort Worth faith leaders want judge to enforce police reform Jamie Stengle and Michael Tarm, Associated Press

Did Jodi Arias get a fair trial? Here’s what the judges will be asking Lauren Castle, AZ Central

Cory Booker’s latest gun plan goes after urban violence German Lopez, Vox

Pot fees paying dividends for Clark County’s homeless (Nevada) Briana Erickson, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Saints’ Demario Davis: New Orleans not giving criminal defendants what they need Demario Davis, The Advocate

They met as children. Now married, she’s been visiting him in prison for nearly 20 years. (New York) Paul Frangipane, Brooklyn Daily Eagle

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