Fort Worth police officer who killed Atatiana Jefferson arrested on murder charge Tasha Tsiaperas, WFAA

Latest deadly police shooting raises questions about tactics Lisa Marie Pane, Associated Press

‘We’re tired of this.’ Black community leaders speak after woman killed by officer. Jack Howland, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Rhode Island Police Don’t Just Make Arrests. Some Also Act As Prosecutors. Julia Rock and Harry August, The Appeal

Why are Pennsylvania judges sentencing people on probation for debts they won’t ever be able to pay? Samantha Melamed, Philadelphia Inquirer

LAPD will drastically cut back on pulling over random vehicles over racial bias concerns Cindy Chang and Ben Poston, Los Angeles Times

How a Silicon Valley Start-up Is Helping Police Get Smarter About Solving Gun Crimes Alain Stephens, The Trace

Thousands Sent to Prison by ‘Dishonest’ Cop Testimony The Crime Report

Baltimore Reports 12% Rise in Homicides Scott Calvert, Wall Street Journal

LA County needs real Sheriff’s Department oversight. That means subpoena power Editorial Board, Los Angeles Times

Ann McLane Kuster and Cory Booker: Medicaid should be available in prisons Ann McLane Kuster and Cory Booker, Washington Post

Florida Man Sentenced to 20 Years in Deadly Parking Confrontation Heather Murphy, New York Times

How Does Community Policing Fit into a Changing Portland? Alex Zielinski, Portland Mercury

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