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We begin by introducing a new Crime Story feature. Hannah Teich, the editor of our Crime Story Daily aggregation section, offers a curated selection of some of the more interesting stories from Crime Story Daily over the past week.

In planning this feature, we identified four broad topic areas that help us organize and choose the stories for the Crime Story Daily. Those topic areas are: criminal justice policy reporting; muckraking/watchdog reporting; complex crime storytelling; and stories that examine the impact of criminal justice and true-crime in the culture.

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CRIME STORY DAILY Weekly Highlights

This week in our original content created for the site, we began on Monday with Graffiti by Molly Miller, which explores the evolving significance of graffiti in the criminal justice history of a young Highland Park man.

On Tuesday, Molly Miller and I published A Word About LA Judges, in which we explore some of the idiosyncratic ways that judges wield their power.

On Wednesday, we were joined on the podcast by Homicide Executive Producer and Oz Creator Tom Fontana.

Thursday saw us present the second profile in our series of examinations of the lives of young people who are trying to make the transition from foster care to adulthood. RightWay Youth: Belle’s Story was written by Belle Manning with Molly Miller, and tells Belle’s harrowing journey through devastating trauma and her discovery of a path to healing and renewal.

Finally, on Friday we published Robert Durst and the Inequity of Judicial Time, Sean Smith’s examination of the vast disparity in how time moves in a criminal case depending on how much money the defendant has.

Thanks for reading and listening.

Kary Antholis
Publisher/Editor, Crime Story


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