This week on Crime Story began with David Simon, the creator and executive producer of The Wirereferring his 250,000 Twitter followers to my interview with him.

On Monday we published RightWay Youth: Leo’s Story by Leo Jimenez with Molly Miller, the first in our series of youth stories from our partnership with The RightWay Foundation (which you can read more about here).  Leo relates his experience of growing up gay in “21 foster homes, three psych wards, and one group home,” and recounts how the therapy services offered by RightWay has offered him a path to healing. “Sometimes the pain from my past is overwhelming, but I keep proving to myself that I’m strong enough to keep going. I’m not just a statistic from the foster care system: I’m a person with dreams who’s going to make a difference.”

On Tuesday, we presented Conviction and Apologyby Amanda Knox with Christopher Robinson, the story of Adam Braseel, who, as Amanda tweeted: “took an Alford plea to regain his freedom. The judge who released him felt he deserved more. His prosecutor doesn’t see it that way.”

On Wednesday, we ran Molly Miller’s $7.99 Half Rotisserie Chicken, an infuriating account of how the combination of a prosecutor’s stacking of charges, bail policies that punish poverty and merciless judicial oversight can devastate the lives of a family.

On Thursday, we had “I Met the Devil” by Patrick Phelan, a chilling account of how ill-equipped the justice system is to process and handle acts of inexplicable horror and senselessness.

And finally on Friday, we presented my interview with George Pelecanos, one of the great detective novelists of his generation and Executive Producer of The Wire on the Crime Story Podcast.

Next week, we offer more compelling stories, and — in the newsletter — we will have a new feature where our Crime Story Daily Editor, Hannah Teich, offers her recap of some of the more interesting pieces from the week’s Crime Story Daily posts.

Thanks for reading and listening.

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