‘Shake Down’ Culture of US Courts Hits Poorest Americans: Judge The Crime Report

The Police Can’t Solve the Problem. They Are the Problem. Derecka Purnell and Marbre Stahly-Butts, New York Times

What Follows Punishment? Aviva Stahl, The Outline

Wrongly Convicted, They Had to Choose: Freedom or Restitution Stephanie Clifford, New York Times

18 Transgender Killings This Year Raise Fears of an ‘Epidemic’ Rick Rojas and Vanessa Swales, New York Times

Pa. Supreme Court rejects petition to find death penalty unconstitutional Julie Shaw, Philadelphia Inquirer

DNA Testing Could Save This Texas Man’s Life. But Prosecutors Are Opposing It. Lauren Gill, The Appeal

LAPD recruitment ad on Brietbart was so bewildering that the chief wondered whether it was a fake Alex Horton, Washington Post

Man wrongfully convicted of murder walks free after 24 years in jail Rebecca Rosenberg, New York Post

New FBI Data: Violent Crime Still Falling Jamiles Lartey and Weihua Li, The Marshall Project

Jailers Should Call Detainees By Name, Council Bill Demands (New York) Rosa Goldensohn and Reuven Blau, The City

Prison writing exhibit ‘SEEN’ is made even richer with portraits (Minnesota) Jim Walsh, MinnPost

Review: ‘Godfather of Harlem’ features great acting, unusual depth – and a killer soundtrack Lorraine Ali, Los Angeles Times

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