This week at Crime Story, we began with Chris Tarricone’s Police Force Expert — Taser Certified, which offered a snap-shot perspective on a prosecutor and a witness in the trial of Andrea Moorer (also the subject of Molly Miller’s Strong Female Lead).

On Tuesday we published Sean Smith’s Your Honor? I’m Here to Give Myself Up, in which Sean captures two ordinary (for the court) and yet extraordinary (for the defendants) moments of pleas for mercy in the courtroom of Judge Katherine Mader.

On Thursday, Molly Miller’s The Truths of Louie Cordero explores the complex motivations and calculations of a young man who is called to testify for the state in the attempted murder trial of his brother. We observe as he tries to navigate the pressures of prosecutors with his fear for his family’s safety and his love for his brother.

On Friday, we published Molly’s piece The Law of Unintended Consequences, which observes the metaphorical poetry in the hearing of a trans woman whose actions have unanticipated effects. There’s something about this case that captures the cruelly blunt power of California’s Three Strikes sentencing law.

On the podcast this week, we presented my four-part interview with David Simon, the Creator and Executive Producer of The Wire.

In part one we discuss David’s formative years as a storyteller and as a journalist.

In part two we explore David’s work as a crime reporter for The Baltimore Sun, his writing the book Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets, and his transition to writing for television.

In part three, we cover David’s reporting for the book The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner City Neighborhood and his experience producing the multiple Emmy Award-winning miniseries based on that book.

In part four, we talk about David’s creation of The Wire and some of the key themes explored in that series.

And finally, it seemed that our audience could not get enough of Jared Harris reading Wait, What?: A Closing Statement, as there was robust listener traffic to that mini-podcast throughout the week.

Thanks for reading and listening.


Kary Antholis
Publisher/Editor, Crime Story

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