Inside a Deadly American Summer Mitch Smith, New York Times

Chief Keith Gabriella Paiella, GQ

Justice sometimes needs a do-over James Forman Jr., Washington Post

As homicides drop in LA, more women are being killed – often by intimate partners Nicole Santa Cruz and Iris Lee, Los Angeles Times

Domestic violence red flags are easy to find in coaches’ pasts, but did NFL teams spot them? Rachel Axon, USA Today

How Would You Spend a Life Sentence? Jesse Wegman, New York Times

High-Profile Cases Sparking New Debate Over Old Legal Concept of Felony Murder Daja Henry, Wall Street Journal

Case Closed Rachel Dissell and Andrea Simakis, Cleveland Plain Dealer

One in 7 adults in New Orleans have a warrant out for their arrest, new data shows Richard Webster, Washington Post

Whitey Bulger’s family blames federal prison system for his slaying Shelley Murphy and John Ellement, Boston Globe

US police assess rise in threat tips after 3 mass killings Lisa Marie Pane and Stefanie Dazio, Associated Press

New stats show surge in violence at Rikers Island Erin Durkin, Politico

“Our Boys” and the Economics of Empathy Emily Nussbaum, The New Yorker

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