The Controversial Use of Rap Lyrics As Evidence Briana Younger, The New Yorker

How Chicago Police Created a False Narrative After Officers Killed Harith Augustus Jamie Kalven and Eyal Weizman, The Intercept

Houston dangerous? Mayor candidates should stick to facts on crime Houston Chronicle

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A Brutal Murder, a Wearable Witness, and an Unlikely Suspect Lauren Smiley, Wired

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Where Art and Rural Incarceration Meet Celina Fang, The Marshall Project

A Complete Timeline of the True Story Behind Netflix’s Unbelievable Emma Dibdin, Harper’s Bazaar

Law & Order: SVU Changed the TV Landscape. It Also Changed How People Think About Sexual Assault. Mahita Gajanan, TIME

Local Activist to Create Music Label for Incarcerated Artists (New York) Matt Fink, Bushwick Daily

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