The jail rethink we really need: Other places have a saner way to handle the mentally ill cycling in and out of lockup Cheryl Roberts, New York Daily News

Once known for ‘three strikes’ law, California is now embracing criminal justice reform Gabrielle Canon, USA Today

Ohio went around drugmaker restrictions on executions despite warnings Marty Schladen, The Columbus Dispatch

Tennessee’s Voter Restoration Gauntlet Nicole Lewis, The Marshall Project

Complaints Against NYPD Officers on the Rise Ben Chapman, Wall Street Journal

Beto O’Rourke proposes ‘drug war justice grants’ for marijuana offenders David Siders, Politico

The rape kit ‘backlog’ narrative lets police off the hook Jennifer Braceras, Boston Globe

How many people in your state go to local jails every year? Wanda Bertram and Alexi Jones, Prison Policy Initiative

Prosecutor: Man charged in killings of 4 women in Detroit Corey Williams, Associated Press

Oregon attorney general: Supreme Court ruling could invalidate ‘1,000s of convictions’ Whitney Woodworth, Salem Statesman Journal

East LA Sheriff’s Deputies File Suit Claiming Harassment, Violence By ‘Banditos’ Clique Frank Stoltze, LAist

Has the Mystery of Skyjacker DB Cooper Finally Been Solved? A TV Newsman’s Obsessive Quest Gary Baum, Hollywood Reporter

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