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This week on Crime Story we began and ended with examinations of national media stories, and — in the middle of the week — explored three dark and troubling LA stories, and a case in a new location for us, the Alhambra Courthouse.

We started the week with my piece entitled Robert Durst Fades Away, in which I observe how, as Durst recedes into a shell of infirmity, the man who is prosecuting him is flourishing with theatrical bluster.

In Molly Miller’s The Matter of the Intersex Shooting, she presents a story where societal norms and transgressive behavior are used by defense attorneys to create a cloud of doubt around a criminal act.

Chris Tarricone published his final two pieces about the so-called “Hollywood Ripper “ case.

The first was about the deeply emotional testimony of one of Michael Gargiulo’s victims who lived, and observed the members of the media pursuing the story like fishermen with their lines in the water.

Chris’s second piece explores the challenges faced by Gargiulo’s Defense attorneys Dale Rubin and Daniel Nardoni.

Early Friday morning, we published a piece from Crime Story contributor Wesley Yiin, exploring his experience in the Al Hambra courthouse, where cultural and language barriers can lead to alienation and ennui.

And finally, we were fortunate to persuade regular Atlantic contributor Ken White to write a piece for us about The College Bribery Scandal called Felicity Huffman’s Smarter Choices, and its publication coincided with the announcement of Huffman’s sentence of 14 days in jail and a $30,000 fine.

In the coming week we will present: a piece that I wrote about what The President’s twitter tirade against John Legend and Chrissy Teigen may tell us about the future of Criminal Justice Reform in his administration; my interview with Steve Zaillian, the Executive Producer, Director and co-writer of The Night Of and Oscar-winning screenwriter of Schindler’s List; as well as more stories from the LA Criminal Courts.

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Kary Antholis
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