Can Kamala Harris Adapt The Government’s Airplane-Safety Model to Stem Police Shootings? Jamiles Lartey, The Marshall Project

As hate crime laws expand, who to exclude as victims? Rob Kuznia, Washington Post

A Novel Gun Control Strategy: Pressure Banks and Retailers (New Jersey) Nick Corasaniti, New York Times

A Paranoid Tech Bro, a Homemade Nuclear Bunker, and a Shocking Death (Maryland) William Brennan, Washingtonian Magazine

Texas executes Mark Soliz for a 2010 Johnson County slaying. He said fetal alcohol disorder should have excluded him from death. Jolie McCullough, Texas Tribune

The 1994 Crime Bill and Beyond: How Federal Funding Shapes the Criminal Justice System Lauren-Brooke Eisen, Brennan Center for Justice

When the city was lawless: Recalling the Boston Police Strike of 1919 Brian MacQuarrie, Boston Globe

Hogan pledges $21 million for Baltimore crime fight, endorses surveillance plane Luke Broadwater, Baltimore Sun

Prosecutors fear they can’t comply with ‘overwhelming’ discovery reform (New York) Cayla Harris, Times Union

‘Imprisoned’ Highlights Human Fallibility in the Criminal Justice System Renee Feltz, The Indypendent

Rap on Trial: How an Art Form Became a Courtroom Weapon Lauren Sonnenberg, The Crime Report

San Quentin prisoners reframe photos to share their stories (California) Anna Furman, The Guardian

Dirty John Season 2 Will Follow “One of America’s Messiest Divorces” Lauren Piester, E! News

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