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We brought our first month to close with a set of articles and podcasts that our readers clearly found engaging, as we surpassed our previous week in traffic and engagement.

We began and ended the week with pieces by Owen Smith. Owen’s An Appeal for Commutation explored the Sisyphean struggle of Delon Broussard to persuade Judge Curtis Rappe to commute his murder conviction based on a 2018 California Law.  His story Special Docket explores the efforts of Community Collaborative Courts to address the special needs of certain special defendants.

Tuesday, we published the second article by Amanda Knox with Christopher Robinson. Expressions of Guilt explores the possibilities and dangers of introducing Emotion Recognition technology into the criminal justice system, and we simultaneously presented both the written piece and Amanda’s reading of the story .

We did the same with Molly Miller’s Twenty-Four Young Hopeful Faces Went Pale, which explores a grizzly and disturbing murder trial and the uncomfortable questions that it raises.

And finally we presented the second episode of my two-part podcast conversation with Ed Bernero, founding showrunner of Criminal Minds and a 10 year veteran of the Chicago Police force.

Next week look for articles about the final days for the trial of the so-called “Hollywood Ripper” Michael Gargiulo, the federal proceedings in the national college admissions scandal and the hearings in the Robert Durst murder trial.

In the meantime, below are links to previous newsletters, should you have missed anything.

Thanks again for your continued interest in Crime Story, and please feel free to email us any thoughts or suggestions that you may have.

Kary Antholis
Publisher/Editor, Crime Story

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