Millions of Californians are eligible to clear their criminal records, but it takes time and money. Make it automatic Los Angeles Times

DHS to siphon $155M in disaster aid to bolster immigration enforcement Caitlin Emma, Politico

US Department of Justice sues Baltimore County over alleged racial discrimination in police department hiring Pamela Wood and Wilborn Nobles III, Baltimore Sun

LA County sheriff can’t give prosecutors the names of problem deputies, appeals court rules Maya Lau, Los Angeles Times

Beatings, murders and prisoners set on fire: inside the prison called ‘gangland’ (Mississippi) Jerry Mitchell, The Guardian

Jeffrey Epstein’s Victims, Denied a Trial, Vent Their Fury: ‘He Is a Coward’ Ali Watkins, Benjamin Weiser, and Amy Julia Harris, New York Times

Same-Sex Couples in North Carolina Don’t Have Equal Abuse Protections Joseph Darius Jaafari, The Marshall Project

Alaska’s missing police force Today Explained, Vox

Mandatory minimums harm children Nila Bala and James Dold, The Hill

New online tool to track Chicago gun suspects draws fire Don Babwin, Associated Press

Texas’ Restorative Justice Movement Is At The Heart Of ‘There Is A Balm In Huntsville’ Laura Rice, Texas Standard

“We all want to be the final girl”: Sady Doyle on true crime, slasher films and surviving patriarchy Amanda Marcotte, Salon

‘Unheard: The Fred & Rose West Tapes’ Is A New Podcast From The Reporter Who First Broke The Story Aoife Hanna, Bustle

The first alleged crime committed in space raises questions about jurisdiction in orbit Loren Grush, The Verge

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