Greetings Team Crime Story,

Week 2 represented another step forward in realizing the unique opportunities that Crime Story offers in exploring the many facets of Crime narrative.

We began a feature on our Crime Story Podcast where we present recordings of our writers reading their articles. Molly Miller read The Bullet and the Door, the first of Crime Story’s articles about the trial of David Martinez. This coincided with publication of our second Martinez article, my piece called Anatomy of Doubt about the emotionally wrenching and ultimately multi-layered testimony of LASD Deputy Jim Moss.

We also published Leland Hall’s fascinating piece about an Expungement hearing as Emmanuel Udeobong tries to clear his record so that he can more easily rebuild his life.

Two pieces in the middle of the week provocatively explored profoundly disturbing legal artifacts of sexual assault.  Molly Miller’s Podcast reading of her article Strong Female Lead explored the judicial objectification of a woman on trial for murdering her rapist pimp. And my piece Wait, What? A Closing Statement presented the truly mystifying, astonishingly tone-deaf closing argument of a defense attorney in an Aggravated Rape trial. 

Thursday brought us Part 1 of my Podcast conversation with Breaking Bad collaborators Vince Gilligan and Michelle MacLaren, exploring their values and aesthetics as artists, as well as details of the creation of the show. We also published Molly Miller’s heartbreaking account of a witness’s struggle to process the details of memory through the filter of trauma in A Chair and a Killing

And finally, on Friday we presented Off the Path of Self-Destruction – our second of three pieces about our writers’ experiences at a Defy Ventures event offering entrepreneurial and work-force training to recently incarcerated men. 

Please keep visiting the site. Next week we have a number of compelling offerings including an account of an intense and emotionally complex murder trial and Part Two of my interview with the collaborators from Breaking Bad.

Thanks again, and please enjoy your weekend.

Kary Antholis 

Publisher/Editor, Crime Story

p.s. We really appreciate your subscription to Crime Story, and welcome your feedback about what you like and don’t like about the site.

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