Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Underlines A Nationwide Problem Jesselyn Cook, Huffington Post

Why Wasn’t Jeffrey Epstein on Suicide Watch When He Died? Ali Watkins, New York Times

Walmart removes violent video game displays from its stores. The gun displays will stay. Matthew Gutierrez, Washington Post

A Lynch Mob of One Ibram Kendi, The Atlantic

‘American Crime Story’ To Give Monica Lewinsky The Chance To ‘Reclaim Her Narrative’ Alysia Stevenson, Femestella

Running to Put San Quentin Behind Him Patricia Leigh Brown, New York Times

One Year After Daniel Hambrick Was Shot By A Police Officer, What’s Changed? (Tennessee) Samantha Max, Nashville Public Radio

Small Town Murder offers new take on true crime phenomenon (Ohio) Brittany Moseley, Columbus Alive

Philly prosecutor apologizes to man imprisoned 28 years for a wrongful murder conviction Emilie Lounsberry and Michaelle Bond, Philadelphia Inquirer

Prisons are packed because prosecutors are coercing plea deals. And, yes, it’s totally legal. Clark Neily, NBC News

False confessions drive the true crime TV craze, but it’s time to end the spectacle Laura Nirider and Steven Drizin, Chicago Tribune

New Connecticut Law Leads On Criminal Justice Transparency Lori Mack, WNPR Connecticut

What Do We Really Know About the Manson Murders? Elisabeth Garber-Paul, Rolling Stone

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