I would like to call your attention to some of the stories that are in our Crime Story LA section. These stories exemplify the tone and approach of our reporting here at Crime Story. We want our pieces to be both accessible and illuminating; thoughtful and emotional; unexpected and satisfying.

Sean Smith’s Slouching towards Babel introduces the world of the Criminal Courts Building in downtown Los Angeles, and his Two Hearings piece juxtaposes the massive defense posse representing multi-millionaire Robert Durst in a pretrial hearing with the valiant efforts of an Alternate Public Defender representing a young indigent man in his sentencing hearing.

Chris Tarricone has published the first two of a series of pieces about the trial of accused serial killer Michael Gargiulo. Chris’s stories offer thoughtful insights into the emotional toll that testifying takes on some of the witnesses in this case, as well as some of the ironies that he observed in watching the media frenzy surrounding a high profile media case (particularly a case where Ashton Kutcher was a witness).

Molly Miller’s Strong Female Lead begins with a cinematic depiction of a violent killing, and shifts into an examination of the reductive impact of trial narratives presented without self-awareness.

Molly’s The Bullet and the Door (the first of several stories about the trial of David Martinez for the murder of LA County Sheriff’s Deputy Shaun Diamond) dives into a complex, deeply emotional tragedy where nothing is as simple as it initially seems.

There is some really compelling and insightful work here. We hope you will check it out.

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