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As you know, on Thursday we launched crimestory.com with two separate interviews in two simultaneously-released podcasts. The first is an exclusive interview with United States Attorney General William Barr where we discuss the legacy of the push for increased incarceration, criminal justice reform and the justice narrative in certain film and television programs. The second is a conversation with Georgetown law professor and former US Justice Department prosecutor Paul Butler, where we discuss my interview with Attorney General Barr.

Here’s a recap of the response to our launch over the course of Thursday and Friday.

The day began with an announcement in the Hollywood digital trade publication DEADLINE.

The story of my interview with the Attorney General was picked up by Talking Points Memo (TPM), with whom we have a consulting relationship.

Law & Crime, the leading digital publication on crime and criminal justice news also picked up the story of my interview with the Attorney General.

Then Yahoo News picked up the story.

The editor and publisher of TPM, Josh Marshall wrote a piece explaining to his readers why they are supporting Crime Story.

Thursday evening, in a five-minute segment, Ari Melber’s MSNBC show featured my interview with the AG and had as his guest Paul Butler, whom I also interviewed for a Podcast about the Attorney General’s remarks. Here is a screenshot from that program: 

On the morning of August 9, this piece appeared on the Washington Monthly website.

And finally on that afternoon, this article appeared in the Washington Examiner.

Not a bad start!

Thanks again to all of you for subscribing.  Please refer us to your friends, and please keep checking in on the site.  We will be updating you weekly with our major developments.


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