We Have a White Nationalist Terrorist Problem New York Times Editorial Board

“When you see me on the news, you’ll know who I am” Jon Marcus, Nieman Reports

Trump calls for death penalty for hate crimes PBS News Hour

The women transfixed by violent crime Alice Robb, New Statesman

Facial Recognition Bans: Coming Soon to a City Near You Blake Montgomery, The Daily Beast

AI experts slam ‘predictive policing,’ warn it could fuel fears that drive mass incarceration Edwin Santos, NosyMedia

The Hidden Toll of the Golden State Killer Kelly Crisp, Rolling Stone

Baltimore Police struggle to investigate their own, new consent decree report says Jessica Anderson, Washington Post

Shock Treatment in Court Jack Brook, The Marshall Project

State and local laws push more registered sex offenders into low-income Colorado communities Karen Augé, Colorado Sun

New York’s New Revenge Porn Bill Is a Bittersweet Victory April Glaser, Slate

Steven Soderbergh To Exec Produce True-Crime Military Justice Docu-Series ‘Leavenworth’ For Starz Peter White, Deadline

De Niro And DiCaprio To Star In New Scorsese True Crime Movie Jess Hardiman, LadBible

10 True-Crime Movies That Will Keep You Up At Night Rocco Thompson, Screen Rant

A High Court Win Will Not End Discriminatory Jury Selection Tyler Maulsby, Law360

A Tale of Two Jeffreys: How the Virgin Islands Welcomed a Rich Sex Offender – and Punished a Poor One Michael Daly, Daily Beast

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