Resuming Executions Puts US on the Wrong Side of History Nicole Austin-Hillery, Human Rights Watch

Barr’s talking points on the death penalty are misleading Hannah Cox, The Hill

For Trump and Barr, Executions Are a Statement Andrea Lyon, The Atlantic

Racist Is a Tough Little Word John McWhorter, The Atlantic

50 States of True Crime Tina Jordan and Ross MacDonald, New York Times

NY District Attorneys Formally Move to Strike Down Prosecutorial Watchdog Law Dan Clark, New York Law Journal

Congress to hold police misconduct hearings after petition from Al Sharpton Marisa Schultz and Aaron Feis, New York Post

As new US law frees inmates, prosecutors seek to lock some back up Andy Sullivan Reuters, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

District Attorneys Have Figured Out How To Turn Criminal Justice Reform Efforts Into Revenue Streams Tim Cushing, TechDirt

It Was My Job to Tell the Truth About Jails Robin Campbell, The Marshall Project

Restorative justice pilot program starts in August (New York) Bennett Loudon, New York Daily Record

St. Louis prosecutor agrees with defense on wrongful conviction; but is that enough? Emily Hoerner, Injustice Watch

Inmate released under ‘First Step Act’ says ‘I never believed I would die in prison’ Jon Schlosberg, ABC News

The ‘Total Anarchy’ of Wet Cops Josmar Trujillo, FAIR

Soaked Cops Want Respect, But Has De Blasio’s NYPD Earned It? Josmar Trujillo, Gothamist

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