Texas House Members Launch Bipartisan Criminal Justice Reform Caucus Becky Fogel

Criminal Justice Reform Savings Save Louisiana $12+ Million Brandon Comeaux

Jim Crow’s Last Stand (Louisiana) Sean Mattison

Koch exec, Black Lives Matter in group pushing prison reform Don Thompson and Adam Beam

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Signs Major Juvenile Sentencing Reform Bill Rebecca Ellis

A 24-Year-Old Is Accused of Killing a Mob Boss. It Gets Weirder From There. Amanda Arnold

Congressional Marijuana Hearing Highlights Fault Line In Legalization Debate Kris Krane

Terrifying True Crime Docu-series Tells The Story Of An Unsuspecting Serial Killer Lynne Versluys

Tucker Carlson’s Unhinged Rant Against Prison Reform Makes Us All Dumber CJ Ciaramella

Joe Biden Unveils Criminal Justice Plan That Tackles Effects Of The 1994 Crime Bill He Once Championed Rachel Herron

Biden, Scrutinized for Crime Bill, Unveils Plan to Reduce Mass Incarceration Katie Glueck

Gardner’s new Conviction Integrity Unit alleges perjury and misconduct in 1994 murder case (Missouri) Tony Messenger

Video: Ohio Deputy Drags Black Judge Out of Court to Jail for Using Her Position to Help a Family Member, Supporters Deem Punishment Unnecessarily Harsh Lauren Floyd

Liz Garbus on Why The World May Never Know ‘Who Killed Garrett Phillips’ Danielle Turchiano

America’s New ‘Sheriff of the Year’ Pushed to Allow Teachers to Carry Weapons in School (Florida) Jessica Pishko

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