Meek Mill’s overturned conviction provides fresh proof of a broken criminal justice system Kay Wicker

Baltimore jury finds Keith Davis Jr. guilty in contentious fourth murder trial Tim Prudente

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District Attorney’s Office to launch adult diversion program in August (Colorado) Sawyer D’Argonne

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Ferguson diagnosed a national illness. But five years later, it hasn’t been cured. Kevin McDermott

Dozens of convicted criminals have been hired as cops in rural Alaska. Sometimes, they’re the only applicants. Kyle Hopkins

How Domestic Abusers Weaponize the Courts Jessica Klein

Chicago FOP blasts Foxx for yet another exoneration involving a violent crime WJ Kennedy

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New Opera Tells Powerful Stories Of Ohio Innocence Project Exonerees Broadway World

The Jury Said He Killed Her Daughter. She Helped Clear His Name. Heather Murphy

Royal Clark Jr. freed after 2003 wrongful conviction in Terrytown armed robbery (Louisiana) Michelle Hunter

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Using a Public Health Approach to Reach Zero Youth Detention Kate Cole

Prosecutors drop case accusing Kevin Spacey of groping 18-year-old man Alanna Durkin Richer

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