How to dramatically reduce gun violence in American cities German Lopez

A Hit Podcast Finds ‘True Crime’ in the Justice System Marc Tracy

The Assoun wrongful conviction: How Halifax police, RCMP, and prosecutorial misconduct sent an innocent man to prison and kept him there for nearly 17 years Tim Bousquet

Hate Speech On Twitter Predicts Actual Hate Crimes, Study Finds Ben Renner

The Campus Rapist Hiding in Plain Sight Barbara Bradley Hagerty

An Epidemic of Disbelief Barbara Bradley Hagerty

Would You Trust the Police Officer Who Writes ‘It’s a Good Day for a Chokehold’? Chiraag Bains and Kyle Barry

‘Red Flags’ as New Documents Point to Blind Spots of NYPD ‘Predictive Policing’ Ali Winston

A Police Chief Was ‘Concerned’ About How His Department Handled Police Shootings, So He Kept It a Secret Michael Harriot

‘Racist police officer’ stereotype may become a self-fulfilling prophecy American Psychological Association

Report: Blacks seven-times more likely than whites to be wrongfully convicted of murder Stacy M. Brown

Pa. High Court Stokes Bail Reform Hopes In Philly Matt Fair

Groups Call For An End To Pretrial Detention And Money Bond (Illinois) Daisy Contreras

NYC jail admissions down almost 50% since 2014 in major achievement for criminal justice reform Molly Crane-Newman

Criminal justice reform under discussion after video of possible inmate abuse surfaces (Florida) FOX 35 Orlando

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