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Interview: Jarrett Adams Presents an Update on the Case of Richardson and Claiborne (with Amanda Knox)

More than twenty years ago, Terrence Richardson and Ferrone Claiborne pled guilty to a crime they didn’t commit. Jarrett Adams says he's got proof that should set them free.

Bonus Episode of Durst Trial Podcast: Prosecutor Empties Bob’s Catheter Bag (or How Sick is Durst?)

In yet another surreal moment in a case replete with crazy twists, Deputy District Attorney John Lewin told the court on Thursday that he accompanied the defendant Robert Durst to the bathroom to assist him by emptying his catheter bag.

Inside the Robe: A Judge’s Candid Tale of Criminal Justice in America – Part 56

In Part 56, Judge Mader offers a story about judges undergoing sensitivity training and reflects on policing tactics that may challenge the pursuit of justice.

Inside the Robe: A Judge’s Candid Tale of Criminal Justice in America – Part 55

In Part 55, Judge Mader explains the complexities of electoral politics within the judiciary and the implications for defendants, attorneys, and judges.

Episode Six of Durst Trial Podcast: On Kathie’s Disappearance and Bob’s Own Words

This episode looks at the prosecution's presentation of strange events in South Salem around the time of Kathie Durst's disappearance.

Susan Berman — A Moving Epilogue (with an update on Robert Durst’s Medical Incident)

This bonus episode of Jury Duty: The Trial of Robert Durst focuses on the most emotional testimony to date — Mella Kaufman, Susan Berman's surrogate daughter.

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Chief Moore: Pandemic Now Driving Up Violence

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore says the COVID-19 pandemic has helped drive gun violence and increase killings in the city this year, including by spurring economic despair and interpersonal dramas while undercutting efforts to interrupt cycles of retaliation. "What we're sensing is a lot of stress, a lot of communities that are on edge, a certain amount of depression," Moore said during a morning meeting of the civilian Police Commission in remarks reported by the Los Angeles Times. In addition to serving as an emotional and...

LA County Report Shows Arrests, Bookings Down Dramatically During COVID-19

By Elizabeth Marcellino, City News Service LOS ANGELES (CNS) - From March to mid-June, as stay-at-home orders took effect and Los Angeles County officials moved to release jail inmates to prevent the spread of coronavirus, jail bookings dropped by more than half, according to a report available today on the county's website. However, the numbers of people behind bars may be creeping up again, although the report cautioned that it is too soon to draw reliable conclusions about the reason for the higher numbers. County officials, criminal justice...

LA County to Begin Offering Audio, Video Appearances for All Criminal Courts

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Los Angeles County's court system is set to expand audio and video court appearances for hearings to all 250 criminal courtrooms, starting today. The Webex service -- which had been in place in 32 courtrooms throughout the county -- will be available in each criminal courtroom at nearly two-dozen courthouses, according to the court. The program was initially launched in April, with defendants who were willing to waive their court appearances appearing via video from jail for arraignment. "The court has prioritized and expedited...

LAPD Officers Charged With Falsifying Gang Records May Upend Criminal Cases

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Criminal charges filed against three Los Angeles Police Department officers accused of falsifying records about gang affiliation has led to a review of hundreds of criminal cases, the District Attorney's Office confirmed today. The officers -- who were assigned at the time to the LAPD's Metropolitan Division -- allegedly falsified field interview cards and misidentified dozens of people who were stopped by the officers as gang members. Prosecutors allege some of the false information contained in thecards was used to wrongfully enter people into a state gang database.

Officers Struck By Projectiles, Protesters Shot With “Nonlethal” Rounds

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - At least three people were recovering today after being injured in confrontations with police during multiple demonstrations in downtown Los Angeles. All three suffered minor injuries and were taken to hospitals for treatment, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department's Margaret Stewart. Protesters, in support of the two-month police protest movement in Portland, Ore., smashed windows and spray-painted slogans at the Metropolitan Detention Center and threw objects at officers during a federal courthouse confrontation. Two separate demonstrations began in front of Los Angeles City...

Statewide Polling Shows Consensus Building for Police Reforms

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Statewide polling highlighted today by a multi-ethnic coalition of Los Angeles-based nonprofit organizations shows a consensus building, particularly among com-munities of color, that police reforms are necessary, as well as support for protests against police brutality. The poll -- co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Urban League, HOPE (Hispanas Organized for Political Equality) and CAUSE (Center for Asian Americans United for Self-Empowerment) -- concludes that most Californians believe that recent protests of police brutality have brought people closer together and raised awareness of racial discrimination. "We stand shoulder...