‘The Very, Very Tip Of A Huge Iceberg’: Why Hate Crimes Are Often Undercounted Marilyn Schairer and Meghan Smith, WGBH

Armed Picnics and Snipers at Family Dollar: Life in a Town With a Government-Approved Militia Matt Cohen, Mother Jones

Police Handed Over an Outer Northeast Portland Neighborhood to Armed Political Extremists Tess Riski, Willamette Week

Months after Ma’Khia Bryant’s killing, Columbus police more emboldened than ever Audra Henrichs, The Guardian

In Atlanta, city wrestles with call to transform policing Reid Forgrave, PBS Frontline

Data can transform policing – but first we need the data Nancy La Vigne and Roy L. Austin Jr., Washington Post

In a first, NC looks to track officer shootings and misconduct Will Doran, Raleigh News & Observer

Between defund and defend, LA tries new tactics, bigger budget for cops Maya Rao, PBS Frontline

‘Hell no’: Some police officers and their unions oppose vaccination mandates Janelle Griffith, NBC News

Coronavirus cases spiking in LA as some officers skirt vaccine mandate Kevin Rector and Jaclyn Cosgrove, Los Angeles Times

Delta Is Coming For Jails And Prisons, And The System Isn’t Ready To Protect The Incarcerated Jessica Schulberg, HuffPost

Anti-parasite drug’s use at Arkansas jail sparks probe Andrew DeMillo, AP News

Rikers Staff Shortages Cut Off Medical Care for NYC Incarcerees Eva Herscowitz, The Crime Report

Slammed by staff shortages and ‘desperation,’ some North Florida prisons to shutter Ana Ceballos and Ben Conarck, Miami Herald

NYC federal jail where Jeffrey Epstein killed himself to close Noah Goldberg and Stephen Rex Brown, New York Daily News

Why ICE Is Leaving New Jersey County Jails Jordan Levy, New Republic

I helped put a California gang member in prison. Now I’m advocating for his release Brian Parry, Sacramento Bee

He’s In Prison For Killing A Trooper. Now, Some Black Police Groups Want Him Released Sharon Pruitt-Young, NPR

Robert F. Kennedy assassin granted parole after 53 years, a move backed by two of RFK’s sons Julie Watson and Brian Melley, USA Today

Inside Sirhan Sirhan’s 50-year quest for freedom after assassinating Robert F. Kennedy Los Angeles Times

‘Curtis, He’s Just Head-Butting People’ Matt Stieb, New York Magazine

Filmmakers of ‘Allen v. Farrow,’ ‘Paradise Lost’ and Others Talk Impact of Their True-Crime Projects Jennifer Yuma, Variety

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