PM Stories

Biden Has a Border Problem David Frum, The Atlantic

Biden Opened Temporary Legal Status to Thousands of Immigrants. Here’s How They Could End Up Trapped. Dara Lind, ProPublica

A border community, ICE at odds over release of detainees with COVID Jon Gerberg and Maria Sacchetti, Washington Post

The pandemic slowed courts, leaving behind case backlogs. Now public defenders are ‘emptying the ocean with a teaspoon’ Jana Hayes, Big If True

Cook County’s first jury trial after COVID-19 closures set for Monday, as defendant’s lawyer calls it ‘publicity stunt’ Megan Crepeau, Chicago Tribune

The rogue prosecutor who helped pass a law enabling rogue prosecutors Radley Balko, Washington Post

Wisconsin GOP lawmakers propose forcing prisoners to use stimulus to pay restitution for crimes Teo Armus, Washington Post

How an unpaid bill can lead to prison Joyce Rice and Kevin Moore, New York Magazine

Post-prison, people just want normal things. Americans say that’s too much to expect. Esther Matthews, Washington Post

What Sarah Everard’s Murder Illuminates – And Might Obscure Kate Manne, The Atlantic

What It Means to Break Free: A Tale of Detention, Told in Dance Brian Seibert, New York Times

The heartbreaking LA story behind Oscar nominee ‘A Love Song for Latasha’ Julia Barajas, Los Angeles Times

AM Stories

Murder Rate Remains Elevated as New Crime Reporting System Begins Jeff Asher, New York Times

Recent violence against Asian Americans highlights need for better tracking, reporting Celeste Katz Marston, NBC News

Asian American communities grapple with whether police are the right answer to recent attacks Li Zhou, Vox

Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans Are on the Rise. Many Say More Policing Isn’t the Answer Cady Lang, Time

How to ‘defund’ the police when violence is rising? Lansing, Michigan, struggles for answers Jon Schuppe, NBC News

‘Defund the Police’ in Cities Faces Ire of State GOP Lawmakers Brenna Goth and Ayanna Alexander, Bloomberg Law

Fatal shootings by the LAPD are down, but officials find major problems in many incidents Cindy Chang, Los Angeles Times

NYPD Commissioners Cleared Cops Found Guilty of Everything From Chokeholds to Pushing Man Into Traffic Gabriel Sandoval and Greg B. Smith, The City

The Medical Examiner Said He Died of ‘Excited Delirium.’ Medical Experts Say Police Strangled Him to Death. Tana Ganeva, The Appeal

After police reform, it’s still hard to fire bad cops James Briggs, Indianapolis Star

George Floyd’s killing sparked a debate on police reform. We need to think bigger. Editorial Board, Washington Post

It’s Past Time for Congress to Permanently Demilitarize Our Police Rep. Hank Johnson and Yasmine Taeb, The Nation

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