PM Stories

Before Election, Trump Tries To Stack Prison-Sentencing Agency With Right Wing Allies Eli Hager, The Marshall Project

Barr Tells Prosecutors to Consider Charging Violent Protesters With Sedition Aruna Viswanatha and Sadie Gurman, Wall Street Journal

Barr Defends Right to Intrude in Cases as He Sees Fit Katie Benner, New York Times

Trump Administration Working “Hand In Hand” With NYPD To Blame Violent Crime On Bail Reform Christopher Robbins, Gothamist

A Progressive Prosecutor Faces Off With Portland’s Aggressive Police Alice Speri, The Intercept

Families of Oregon prisoners call for mass release of inmates, plan for future public health crises Jayati Ramakrishnan, The Oregonian

Department of Retaliation: Inside Missouri’s Prison System Ryan Krull, Riverfront Times

‘It Almost Broke Me’: How the Pandemic Strains Mental Health at Pittsburgh’s Jail Juliette Rihl, The Crime Report

How Legislation Meant to Overhaul Probation And Parole In Pennsylvania Strayed From Its Roots Jonathan Ben-Menachem, The Appeal

How do we get innocent people out of prison? Maricopa County’s new unit is a start Hope DeLapo and Marissa Bluestine, AZ Central

Judge grants DNA testing in Pervis Payne’s Tennessee death penalty case Katherine Burgess, Tennessean

How White-Collar Criminals Get Away With It Robin Kaiser-Schatzlein, New Republic

What Happened Inside Ed Buck’s Apartment? Jesse Baron, New York Times Magazine

AM Stories

Bill Barr, Unbound Manuel Roig-Franzia and Tom Hamburger, Washington Post Magazine

Lock Him Up? Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine

President Trump and Joe Biden offer opposing visions of policing Matt Pearce, Los Angeles Times

Police or Prosecutor Misconduct Is at Root of Half of Exoneration Cases, Study Finds Aimee Ortiz, New York Times

Enduring Injustice: The Persistence of Racial Discrimination in the US Death Penalty Death Penalty Information Center

DC legalized marijuana, but one thing didn’t change: Almost everyone arrested on pot charges is Black Paul Schwartzman and John D. Harden, Washington Post

Louisville announces $12M settlement, police changes in wake of Breonna Taylor shooting Andrew Wolfson, Darcy Costello, and Tessa Duvall, Louisville Courier Journal

Breonna Taylor won’t get ‘true justice’ until officers are fired or convicted, prosecutors say Bailey Loosemore, Louisville Courier Journal

Documents Reveal How the Police Kept Daniel Prude’s Death Quiet Michael Wilson and Edgar Sandoval, New York Times

In Vallejo, police encounters often turn violent Otis R. Taylor Jr., San Francisco Chronicle

Sheriff’s combative response to shocking deputy attack sparks new alarms, criticism Alene Tchekmedyian, Los Angeles Times

Many face mask mandates go unenforced as police feel political, economic pressure Kristine Phillips, USA Today

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