It Matters That Amber Guyger Faced a Diverse Jury Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

Guilty Verdict Against Dallas Ex-Cop Called ‘Seismic Shift’ in Jury Views The Crime Report

Homeland Security Dept. Affirms Threat of White Supremacy After Years of Prodding Zolan Kanno-Youngs, New York Times

What if your abusive husband is a cop? Rachel Aviv, The New Yorker

Complaints against LAPD rise as body-worn cameras help exonerate officers and prove misconduct Mark Puente, Los Angeles Times

Missouri executes killer despite concern about painful death USA Today

The ‘Superpredator’ Haunting American Politics Was a Scared Little Boy Goldie Taylor, The Daily Beast

‘They don’t get to be kids’: what it’s like to grow up in a US murder capital Lauren Aratani, The Guardian

An Inmate Needed Emergency Medical Help. The Jail’s Response: See if She Has Insurance. Connor Sheets, ProPublica

California voters are divided over bail reform, poll finds John Myers, Los Angeles Times

GEO Group Runs Out of Banks as 100% of Banking Partners Say ‘No’ to the Private Prison Sector Morgan Simon, Forbes

Murderabilia sinks its teeth into the ethics of our true crime obsessions Sarah McDermott, CNet

Inside Serial’s Frustrating and Captivating Legacy Tierney Bricker, E! News

Woman released from prison thanks to Kim Kardashian West is now working to help free others Layron Livingston, ABC 10 News

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