Cyntoia Brown Is Free Steven Hale, Nashville Scene

Cyntoia Brown and Our Twisted System Donovan Ramsey, The Marshall Project

She Was Found Strangled in a Well, and Now She Has a Name Sarah Zhang, The Atlantic

As Shootings Spike in Northern Brooklyn, NYPD and Prosecutors Collide Ali Watkins, New York Times

$1.7-billion jail project could be scrapped by LA County to focus on mental health Matt Stiles, Los Angeles Times

Barclays Is Latest to Cut Finance Ties With Private Prisons Elizabeth Rembert, Bloomberg

Racism Tainted Their Trials. Should They Still Be Executed? Jack Brook, The Marshall Project

Is an adversarial justice system compatible with good science? Radley Balko, Washington Post

The women transfixed by violent crime Alice Robb, New Statesman

Facial Recognition Bans: Coming Soon to a City Near You Blake Montgomery, The Daily Beast

Getting Out of Jail After Dark Can Be Dangerous – and Sometimes Deadly Madison Pauly, Mother Jones

David Temple found guilty of killing pregnant wife in second murder trial (Texas) CBS News

The Manson Murders: What to Read, Watch and Listen To Jason Bailey, New York Times

The Manson Girl Who Got Away Win McCormack, New Republic

Jurors in murder trial see courtroom re-enactment of killing (Texas) Samantha Ketterer, Houston Chronicle

Police Faked Evidence and the Real Killers Confessed. But Missouri Still Imprisoned an Innocent Man for 24 Years. Zuri Davis,

The Real-Life Case Behind the Atlanta Child Murders Featured In Mindhunter Rose Minutaglio, Elle

Why Do Murderers & Serial Killers Have Their Own IMDb Pages? Kaitlin Reilly, Refinery29

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