Here are links to episodes of Jury Duty: The Trial of Robert Durst

Episode 1: This Case Involves Three Different Murders

Episode 2: A History of Violence

Episode 3: Pine Barrens

BREAKING NEWS: Adjournment to Spring and a Second Podcast Season

Episode 4: Point Blank

Episode 5: The Killing of Morris Black

Episode 6: The Texas Trial of Robert Durst

Episode 7: The Jinx

Episode 8: After the Jinx

Episode 9: Bob Doesn’t Make Good Decisions

Episode 10: Let’s Talk About the Dismemberment

Episode 11: No Evidence is Evidence

Episode 12: Thank You for Your Time (Season Finale)

Crime Story continues to publish installments in a series of pieces about the events surrounding Robert Durst’s trial for the murder of his longtime friend, Susan Berman. We present all of them below. As our collection of stories grows, we will update this list. You may click on the hyperlinked titles to read each of them:

Two Hearings: Robert Durst and Armon Nelson

While Robert Durst Flips Through Photos

Robert Durst Fades Away

Robert Durst and the Inequity of Judicial Time

Robert Durst’s Warrior in Court

Robert Durst Stares into the Camera

Robert Durst’s Lawyer Gets a Compliment

Robert Durst Admits Writing “Cadaver Note” and “Dig Note”

Robert Durst: You Can’t Unring the Bell

Robert Durst Admits “Killed Them All” Recording is “True and Accurate”

Unanticipated Intimacy and the Trial of Robert Durst

The People vs. Robert Durst Has a Jury

The Hot Box and the Trial of Robert Durst

Thomas Durst Startles Jurors With Reenactment of Brother Robert’s Rage and Cruelty

Robert Durst’s Relentless Prosecutor

CRIME STORY Contributors Read: The Prosecutor’s Cinematic Opening in The People vs. Robert Durst

Defending Robert Durst: The Opening Statement

The Durst Trial: Victim Shaming Strategy Meets the Supermodel

A Sweet Little Lamb and a Cold-Blooded Murder (The Durst Trial)

The Pack of Canines in the Trial of Robert Durst

Kathie Durst Speaks from the Past: “Don’t Let the Bastard Get Away With It!”

UPDATE – SCOOP Confirmed by Court: Robert Durst Trial Has New Start Date (July 27) and Courtroom (in Inglewood)

Family, Friends, and Pets: Emotional Storytelling in the Trial of Robert Durst

Crime Story, Acast Announce Podcast Partnership for New Series, Jury Duty: The Trial of Robert Durst

The Robert Durst Trial: Mistrial Hearing

The Robert Durst Trial: The Adjournment

We also presented a podcast discussion of the case:

Jury Duty – New Podcast Series – Ep. 2 – Covering Robert Durst